Digital 4K Camera: A Revolution To The Photography World

Photography is a world of a lot of learning, adventure, creativity, and fun. As the saying goes A picture speaks a thousand words. But creating that picture also include thousand of efforts. Photography is a term used for painting with light. A photograph has the power to connect with someone emotionally. Photography is considered as both art and science. As an art, it uses imagination, a creative mind and lots of playing with angles and frames. On the other, it's considered as science as it uses many technical things like the equipment camera, lights, and more. It has post-processing that is done using the software so it is never wrong to consider it as science.

Photography has evolved a lot in a few decades. It has grown rapidly worldwide. Nowadays there are several jobs and carrier options in photography. People are choosing it as a profession and making lots of money and fame. On the other side, people are choosing it as their hobby. The equipment used for photography is called a camera, Buying the best 4K video camera Online. As mentioned earlier photography has developed a lot in past years. Along with the skills, cameras have also evolved. From camera obscura to the newest technology digital camera or those all camera’s in the smartphone, the history of the camera is fascinating.

Difference between analog and digital camera

Analog camera

For a long time, photography has a long process. There was a time when pictures were capture using photographic film. Analog cameras capture images by exposing films to the light. Analog cameras are more affordable. There are many types of analog cameras including a single-lens reflex camera commonly known as SLR, a Twin reflex camera known as TLR, rangefinder camera, point and shoot camera, instant cameras, stereo camera, panoramic camera, folding camera and more. They have been in trends for a long period and have amazing qualities. But with the development and evaluation of technology cameras were turned digital too.

Now the market is full of digital cameras. With the arrival of digital cameras, photography has reached a new level. Digital photography needs no photographic films or darkrooms. With digital cameras, images are created using photo sensors and processed later using the software. Digital cameras act and work as an analog camera but with many enhanced features.

Advantages of digital camera


Digital cameras save a lot of money. As in analog cameras, one needs films to capture images and films are expensive. Whereas digital cameras don’t need films. It needs ink and paper to print but that is still so inexpensive as compared to the films. So the Digital camera is cost-efficient.


The digital camera has massive storage as they use memory cards. Memory cards can hold thousands of pictures for as long as required and can be transferred band deleted in almost no time.

Easy to share

Media capture with digital camera and devices are easy to share. Images can be shared using online and offline apps and software. Along with it one can save several copies by making the least efforts and can be saved on different devices.

Easy printing

Digital photographs can be printed easily as compared to films. They don’t need big machines and the entire process. They can be printed using a small printer.

Types of cameras

There is a wide range of digital cameras available in the market these days and many companies are producing. The digital camera has also evolved with time. here are few digital cameras listed

  • Compact Point-and-Shoot
  • Compact Zoom
  • Super Zoom Bridge Cameras
  • Advanced Compacts
  • Mirrorless
  • DSLR
  • Action Camera

Photography is becoming a part of our everyday life. From capturing with those big box camera to clicking pictures with the selfie camera. The camera has evolved a lot. Photography has opened its arms in various fields like food photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, portraits shoots and the list continues. The camera is becoming a part of our lives. We see them everywhere even in stores we have a CCTV camera. Photography is evolving and the camera industry has experienced rapid transition and growth in the past few years. from fil to digital, from android to cell phone photography. The camera techniques and sizes had changed a lot.

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