IPod is a cool portable music player developed by apple Computer. It uses iTune software-which is also created by Apple-to organize, and transfer songs and playlists

Most models use flash memory for storage but the largest sizes still rely on small hard drive. IPods can be used as an external data storage device. IPod storage sizes range from few gigabytes to 160 gigabytes.

Various  models of Ipod device are:

Shuffle- They are tiny players with no screen, can play hundreds of songs and have along battery lifespan. Nano- A solid all round traditional ipod, a bit larger than shuffle. Classic- A hard drive based ipod with the most storage. Touch-An iphone without the phone.3.5 inch touchscreen Iphone is an iPod that is also a cell phone; Ipad is an oversized iPod that is also known as a computer tablet.

A large number of companies make products that are designed to work with iPod such as headphone, dock, etc. Headphones and also Bluetooth speakers are quite popular due to their wireless connectivity, revamped sound quality and reducing prices.

You may either use a Bluetooth transmitter designed specifically for ipods with a dock connector, or use universal Bluetooth transmitter that will connect via the 3.5 mm audio jack. Which of these options would be the most suitable?

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